Telecom infrastructure provisioning services

We provide engineering infrastructure services to the mobile telecommunications sectors. We provide managed services to more than 1300 cellular sites in Syria plus rollout services to several telecom operators in Syria and Algeria. In both countries, we employed nationwide technically-competent teams of dynamic and professional approach. We ensure that quality and high standards are fully applied in our works. Trust in our commitment to our partners was achieved through a proven track record of delivery, quality with specified deadlines to the entire satisfaction of our clients. In a short period, our company was able to get the market appreciation and make an impact in the field of wireless telecom managed services and service agreements.

1. Managed services & SLA

Managed Services and Service Level Agreements for power, telecom, and environment installed systems. We are leaders for managed service in the telecom sector that covers corrective and preventative maintenance. Based on our unmatched expertise and resources, we have helped maintain MTN Syria, mobile network operator, in the lead with excellent key performance indicators. We have the experiences to ensure the provision of power systems to any site. We are an integrated engineering service provider in the fields of designing, supplying, installing, and servicing backup generators, rechargeable batteries, and hybrid (mains/solar) power systems.

We have an extensive scope of works that cover:

  • Preparing of BoQ, warehousing, site survey, construction and site building, testing and commissioning, drive test, swap telecom, upgrade, and others.
  • Providing corrective and preventive maintenance for around 1000 generators, 300 hybrid inverters, and around 1000 cooling systems.
  • Level-1 Service Agreement (Power)

A. Standby generators

  • Delivery / installation / Commissioning
  • Generator ratings 80 – 500 kVA
  • Refueling
  • Preventive maintenance (PM)
  • Corrective maintenance (CM)
  • Engine overhaul

B. Uninterruptible Power Systems

  • Delivery / installation / Commissioning (2 – 80 kVA)
  • Preventive maintenance (PM)
  • Corrective maintenance (CM)

D. Rectifier systems

  • Delivery / installation / Commissioning (5 kW)
  • Preventive maintenance (PM)
  • Corrective maintenance (CM)

E. Cooling systems

  • Delivery / installation / Commissioning (Forced & Natural cooling)
  • Air conditioning, Closed Control Unit (CCU) from 5 – up to 10 Ton
  • Preventive maintenance (PM)
  • Corrective maintenance (CM)
  • Level-2 Service Agreement (Telecom)


We are pioneered in providing managed service for MTN Syria network. Through our teams and resources, we have succeeded in preserving and improving the network availability from around 70% to above 95%. We are able to deal professionally with all type of telecom equipment services such as Mini Link E, TN, SP/PT, E-Band, IP RAN, RBS3000, RBS6000 and BBS.

A. Transmission

  • Mini-Link E
    • MMU up to 32
    • SMU
  • Traffic Node (TN)
    • 2P
    • 6P
    • 20P
  • SP / PT
  • Fiber optics
  • Router E band
  • IP RAN
  • Multiplexer

B. Base Transmission Station (BTS)

  • 2000 Series
    • RBS 2206
    • RBS 2216
  • 3000 Series
    • 3306
    • 3106
  • 6000 Series
    • 6102
    • 6150
  • BBS
    • BBS 6101
    • BS6102


2.Rollouts services

We provide network rollout services that includes telecommunications equipment (TE) survey and deployment design, hardware installation, single-equipment commissioning, basic acceptance, TE supervising, hardware dismantling and project management during the whole network rollout process. We partner with major mobile telecom operators in Syria and Algeria deploying network rollouts with speed and reliability.

Our regional resources, experts, together with our accumulated experience in wireless telecom sector guarantees delivery of rollout services in time, within budget, and with high standard of quality. Our telecom rollout services cover:

• Install new sites
• sites swap
• MW installation
• Site survey & audit services
• TE Implementation (Swap Project)
• Drive Test (DT)

  • Civil works (Infrastructure)

We respond to our customer’s requirement and provide quick, reliable, professional, and green hybrid power system deployment service along with site telecom power system deployment, UPS, and inverter-battery deployment service.
• Tower / Mast
• Concert base (for generator / sites)
• Isolate roof tops
• Build solar system

  • Telecom works (TE)


Wireless network rollout service provides RAN New build, swap, expansion and Single RAN evolution base on carrier’s needs.
• Drive Test.
• RAN new Build
• Restore damaged or destroyed sites
• Microwave link
• Install new link
• Upgrade existing links
• Upgrade (Software/hardware)
• Adding new RUs.
• Modifying configuration.
• V – Sat