Standby Diesel Generators

A diesel generator is the combination of a diesel engine with an electric generator (often an alternator) to generate electrical energy. This is a specific case of engine-generator. A diesel compression-ignition engine often is designed to run on fuel oil, but some types are adapted for other liquid fuels or natural gas. Generators require less maintenance due to their durability, reliability and the sturdiness characteristic and also they are considered cheaper to operate due to the low diesel fuels costs as compared to the other types of fuels such as gasoline and propane.

Standby generators can withstand heavy load for long hours and start off the power supply on full load within minutes and must be regularly maintained to ensure they provide quality power throughout their service life. The best generator maintenance practice is following the maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer of the generator to ensure maximum service time for the generator and proper operation when it is called upon to provide power.

We deliver and service diesel generators with wide power range from 5 to 2000 kW suitable for all kinds of civil and industrial power generation. For hospitals and other health-care facilities they can be life-threatening. For businesses like data centers, the outages can be enormously costly. Other critical facilities at risk include government offices, police departments, telecommunications, road traffic, fire stations, airports, and water/sewage treatment plants.

Having a well-designed and well-maintained standby power system is the best protection against utility power outages. In some cases, intelligent parallel machine control system can realize parallel operation of multiple units to meet the power demand of larger load. Our range of generators is rain and dust proof and can be made sound proof if equipped with an optional canopy.

The preventive maintenance tips for the diesel generator that guarantees uninterrupted power supply that is innocuous and consistent for all the needs intended for. During the running of the diesel generator, the exhaust system, fuel system, DC electrical system and engine require close monitoring for any leaks that can cause hazardous occurrences. As with any internal combustion engine, proper maintenance is essential.

The preventive maintenance covers the following aspects:

  1. Lubrication (Engine oil and filter)
  2. Cooling System (coolant water, additives, and antifreeze)
  3. Fuel System (filter and injection)
  4. Batteries (Specific gravity and electrolyte levels, if applicable)
  5. Routine Engine Exercise
  6. Exhaust system

Towable Light Towers

Light towers combined with a small capacity diesel or petrol generator are designed for rural areas, construction sites, sporting events, mining, oil/gas field applications, and many other fields where mains power is lacking or erratic.

We offer the widest choice when it comes to finding the light tower that is right for your business generating capacities from 1 to 10 kW. We provide solutions for a wide range of industries with a flexible and dynamic set of lighting options (Drop, Flash, Fluorescent), working lamps (LED or metal halide) and ratings from 150 – 1500 W, while addressing all aspects of operational efficiency and safety. You can also be assured of the robust build quality and compact size.

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