Luminaire for living, working, and relaxing surroundings

Light is an essential part of our lives. Whether at home, in the workplace, or during our relaxing times.
Lighting contributes to our visual functions and enhances our emotional perceptions of architecture and helps us creating memorable scenes and special effects. Lighting conditions has biological effects by ensuring relaxing and circadian rhythms around us.

Luminaires parameters and quality characteristics, old and new, are sought and ought to be taken into consideration using specialized design and optimization tools.
Modern smart live lighting characteristics involves active lighting, personal control, daylight integration, mobility, communications.
Furthermore, light should be considered as a design element.

Indoor & Outdoor Products

Our wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting systems products, not only comforting to relevant standards EN 12464_1/_2 and others, but also meet your budget without compromising return value for your investments.

Indoor lighting solutions for offices, premises such as educational, healthcare, retail, industry (chemical, plastics, food, paper, textile, etc.), sport, hospitality, transport, theatre, and others. Outdoor luminaire fixtures for stadia, squares, streets, parks, buildings, facades, airports, parking, construction sites, plants (power, gas, heat, and electricity), petrochemical and hazardous industries.

Direct & Indirect Lighting

For direct, indirect, and mellow types of lighting applications, we offer products that are flexible, efficient. Comfortable spaces around you add an identity and promotes healthier employees and workers as a cost factor to the business process.

New technology lighting systems based on LED sources (Standard, SMD, and CoB) as well as traditional lamps (thermal incandescent/halogen, gas discharged fluorescent metal halide/Sodium/Mercury) sources are available from our leading branded manufactures will guarantee your satisfaction and warranty your spending.

Our range of products meet required fire and explosion protection classes I, II and III and IP00 to IP68, Hazardous zones 0, 1, 2 (flammable) and 20. 21, 22 (combustible) in addition to mechanical stress (IK00 to IK10).