Quality/Quantity Monitoring

IBC food supply chain adheres to the quality testing of cereals, pulses, and grains in order to meet WFP standards for human consumptions.  We monitor the quantity and the quality of donated or provisioned food commodities. Therefore, we carry out food commodity quality and quantity inspection for all of the raw materials and products procured from local or regional grain, cereal and pulses markets. We ensure safety of the food commodities from source, during shipping up till offloading at our local warehouse and during stacking in silos, processing and packaging of rations.

WFP commodity inspection surveyors are conducting tests at both commodity quality and weight levels. Analysis of samples of commodity including flour, rice, grains, cereals, and pulses are subjected to quality and quantity analysis prior to acceptance and shipping to local warehouses.  Food quality properties cover several areas depending on the type of commodity and regulations. For cereals, grains, and pulses we test for size, impurities, foreign odor, moisture, broken grains. Other food quality tests provided upon request are the detection of Mycotoxins, determination and identification of common poisonous / toxic weed seeds and storage insect pests.

Commodity clearance is essential prior to accepting food shipments and storage. We supervise tallying and weighing of commodity. We make notice of any damage to commodity and file reports according to international inspection standards.

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