Food Commodity Supply

Although several international NGOs and humanitarian aid agencies are specialized in the food distribution and may contribute to the food donation in conflict zones, World Food Program (WFP) remains the major food pipeline agency worldwide. We are partnering with many international agencies in providing emergency food assistance to the displaced and homeless people.

Usually, items in a food basket will contain a combination of basic food items such wheat flour, bulgur wheat, rice, chickpeas, dried red lentils, beans, and cooking oil, etc. Food commodities are purchased on the open market or accepted from donor organizations and nations namely; USA, Germany, European Commission, Canada, and Norway.

Since August 2017, our WFP Aleppo warehouse has been engaged in procurement of food and managing the stocks and packaging raw food and ready-to-eat rations (RTEs) rations for hundreds of thousands of people. In 2018, nearly 160,000 MT of food were offloaded in our warehouse from which around 1,400,000 food rations, except rice, were packaged and distributed. In addition, around 1 Million rice bags weighing 10-15 kg each were packaged and distributed in 2018, with a monthly average 90,000 rice rations.

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