International Business Center (IBC) is a multi-discipline company with focus on mobile telecom managed service, critical power solutions, construction projects, and humanitarian logistics coordination, storage, packaging, supply chain, quality & quantity monitoring in conjunction with international aid agencies and NGO’s.   We have a rich portfolio of products and services combined with dedicated and skilled project management and engineering staff numbering close to 450 and are based around the country and several overseas offices. Over 60 years of experience in after-sale-support, services and repairs and executing large and medium scale key projects.

Who we are

A private limited company that was founded in 1960 and is based in Damascus, Syria. IBC has branches in the Arabian Gulf, Africa, Europe, and North America. IBC employs around 450 full time staff members.



Our Mission

·Deliver outstanding range of products & services to our partners and become their number 1 choice.

·Inspire prosperous and protected wireless telecom business activities with reliable managed services.

·Assist in alleviating the suffering of homeless and displaced populations.

·Contribute to the national effort for rebuilding and upgrading the infrastructure of war-torn zones.

Our Vision

Play a major national and international role in the field of mobile telecom managed services, critical power solutions, and humanitarian aid logistics and coordination.