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International Business Center is a multi-discipline company with focus on mobile telecom managed service, power solutions, construction projects, and humanitarian aid coordination, storage, packaging, supply chain, quality & quantity monitoring in conjunction with NGO’s. We have a rich portfolio of products and services combined with dedicated and skilled project management and engineering staff distributed around the country. Over 60 years of experience in after-sale-support and executing large and medium scale key projects on a national level.

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We are proud to be the partner of choice for a growing number of companies and organizations that have a unique impact on our society.
We strive on matching customers’ needs and offer quality products and services not to just meet their expectations, but rather to exceed them.

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Preventive and corrective maintenance and service in the fields of power and telecommunication in order to keep your business functioning. We guarantee your uninterruptible power supplies and standby generators to protect your business and achieve optimum key performance index among your competitors. With a dedicated service department on a nationwide scale, our network of technical engineers and support staff always on call ensuring your business and cellular networks fit-for-purpose for today and the future.


Comprehensive product range covers all your power solutions, lighting requirements, and renewable energy systems.
We take care of the selection, supply, installation, and maintenance of your products with real manufacturer warranties and guaranteed after-sale support.

Efficient, reliable, robust, and cost effective power solutions for the widest range of applications from SoHo to industrial and high performance. State of the art batteries, chargers, rectifiers, inverters, UPS’s, dc power systems, voltage/frequency conditioning and customizable auxiliary generating sets for protecting your business.

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Whether for the home, the office, the factory, or for leisure, lighting contributes to our visual functions and enhances our emotional perceptions of architecture and helps us creating memorable scenes and special effects. We provide luminaries solutions and parameters for smart life characteristics and conformity.

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Renewable energy is derived from natural sources of the sun and the wind. We provide solar panels and wind turbine assemblies with associated mechanical, electric, storage, and power components for robust residential and industrial stored electric systems for an intermittent power source for specific applications.

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Project Focus

An underground fuel storage depot with a maximum capacity of 600 thousand liters has been implemented with the highest of industrial standards.
The depot is consisting of 10 underground reservoirs with equal volumes of 60 tons each that were arranged in a bunker of renforced cement structure and covered with hollow curve slabs.
Associated accessories include pumps, ventilation, emergency lights, and lightning safety mast.

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